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Rabbits for Sale in Australia | ADSCT Classified 

Rabbits For Sale in Australia - For individuals of all ages, rabbits are wonderful pets. They are appropriate for kids because of their kind and mild disposition. Additionally, many adults decide to keep rabbits as pets. They are simply too adorable to ignore! Therefore, ADSCT is one of the greatest venues to start advertising for your business if you're wanting to establish a rabbit breeder business in Australia and are worried about having too few consumers.

How Much Does a Rabbit Cost?

In Australia, domestic rabbits are often purchased for $20 to $80. Costs may be higher for some exotic or display breeds. Typically, adopting a rabbit is less expensive than buying one from a breeder. You will nonetheless be required to pay a charge to cover the expense of their doctor and veterinarian visits. Also, take into account the additional expenses related to rabbit ownership. You will require an enclosure, food dishes, and water bottles while setting up. Food, lodging, and veterinary expenses are ongoing expenses. Grooming, pet insurance, and boarding costs are additional optional costs.

List of Top Rabbits for Sale in Australia - 

Enfield Produce -

Enfield Produce, a family-run business that has been in business for more than 50 years, is completely committed to giving you the greatest service and value for your money when it comes to taking care of your pets and garden. It's hard to provide an exhaustive summary of the things we sell due to their large and intriguing product selection. You never know what you might find, therefore they advise using the robust search tool on the homepage. Additionally, they have hybrids, rex, lop-eared, dwarf, and Netherland dwarf rabbits, among other varieties.

To be clear, Enfield Produce has two independent functioning arms. The first arm is their retail store in Enfield, where they keep live animals and other items and invite customers to stop by. The second arm is their distribution centre, where any questions about online transactions may be handled by phone or email. Their rabbits are often calm, peaceful creatures who are incredibly well-liked by both kids and adults.

Bek’s Bunnies - 

Both Cashmere Standard Lop and purebred Mini Lop rabbits are owned by Bek's Bunnie because they make excellent pet bunnies. At Bek's Bunnies, their major goal is to educate the public about the responsibilities of bunny ownership and assist them in selecting the ideal setting. They assist folks in need of guidance on issues including breeds, housing, sex, and food. They also understand that many bunnies are bought, but after a few months the family is no longer able to care for them, and the rabbits wind up in shelters. You may use their vast knowledge to determine whether a rabbit is your ideal new companion.

Additionally, Bek's Bunnies offers bunny boarding so that our kits can return there as required. People are aware that leaving their tiny dogs with friends or neighbours is not always a safe option. They care for their returning bunnies as though they were their own with their specially made boarding runs.

Kellyville Pets -  

One of the biggest pet shops in Australia, Kellyville Pets also offers a special place for rabbits to live. They adore their animal companions and are dedicated to connecting owners with the ideal pet as well as giving clients the best guidance, support, and range of items. This is how they make sure that the animals we have will have the finest possible start in your house. Additionally, they are one of the biggest and best independent pet businesses in Australia, with over 40 specialised employees. Because of their great pet expertise and love for animals, the Kellyville Pets team has been carefully chosen.

Perfect Pets -  

Australian company Perfect Pets is dedicated to using ethical and responsible business methods. They are a profit-for-purpose organisation that relies on donations to assist rescue organisations, animal welfare projects, and wildlife conservation. Additionally, they offer a platform that links pet owners with breeders, shelters, and companies that cater to pets of the greatest calibre. The Fully Stoked Company, which was founded in 2004, includes Perfect Pets (ACN111154753). By assisting their devoted pets in doing so in a responsible and ethical manner, PetSales' goal will always be to lessen this reality. Perfect Pets wants to assist the appropriate families in locating their lost pieces. They accomplish this by offering a user-friendly platform to its users, enabling our beloved pals to receive the assistance they require.

Always visit the breeder before buying

Never purchase a rabbit without first going to see where it was born and reared. Spend the time now to locate the ideal breeder, and your rabbit will thank you forever. Keep an eye out for these necessities while you're there:

  • The bunnies need to seem content and healthy.
  • Both the breeding facility and the rabbits' enclosure should be spotless, well-kept, and well-lit.
  • The breeder should have a good working connection with a nearby vet and be able to give documentation and references about the treatment of his rabbits.
  • Breeders should be able to describe typical genetic issues.
  • References from other families who have acquired rabbits from the breeder should be available.
  • For the duration of the rabbit's life, the breeder should be prepared to provide information and respond to inquiries.
  • The breeder ought to be active in regional, national, or international breed organisations.
  • The breeder must offer a written contract with a health guarantee, and they should strongly advise you to read it through before signing. This Agreement should not obligate you to see a particular veterinarian.
  • The breeder ought to treat you with the same degree of rigour that you do them. They have to enquire about your prior experiences with other rabbits and pets, as well as request a veterinarian reference.

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