How to sell used products online?

How to sell used products online?

Is your closet full of the old and unwanted items? Are you a geek who is looking for ways to update your technology? But you are not able to figure out what you can do with your old and unwanted gadgets. Selling your used items on the internet is quite a good option as you have a wider reach. There are many of the ways in which you can sell your old and unwanted products and make a good profit. Although the choices are unlimited you have to choose the option which suits you the best.

Few of the tactics to sell old and unwanted items online

Let’s check out a few of the tactics to sell old and unwanted items online.

Online shopping sites

The online shopping sites have undeniably transformed the way people use to sell and buy the products. These sites have become the hot spots for the advertisers and provide an awesome platform for all those people who want to sell their old stuff too and earn quick money out of the sale. There are many of the shopping sites which allow the individuals to sell their old and unwanted stuff on their platforms. The seller has to visit the website and get registered and post the advertisement. Since these websites are immensely popular, it attracts a lot of traffic. The sellers can unlock the highest price for their old products without putting in too much of the efforts.

Sell products through online auctions

This is quite a popular option for selling almost anything. You can sell TV online, sell Xbox or any of the items that you no longer require. You can sell out and make the profits even when there are no exclusive goods. Anything which is lying unused in your basement can serve as a treasure for someone who is sitting in some other part of the world. Just grab the chance to sell your products online to them and make quick bucks.

Use social networking site

The social networking sites have taken the entire world by storm. It helps the users to connect to their old friends as well as the acquaintances. It also facilitates you to promote your business by simply letting you create the business page and inviting the target audience to visit and simply like your page. This way the seller can take the advantage of the social networking platform and sell their products online.


The e-commerce sites actually cover everything from buying, selling or marketing the new and used products on the internet. With the internet penetration growing and reaching towards the far end corners of the world, more and more people are actually relying on the e-commerce sites for buying and selling the old items. Through the utilization of the robust and highly professional e-commerce sites, you can sell your unwanted items in the fastest way and can strike a good deal out of it. Now you can sell your products in an easy, fast and extremely reliable manner by listing it on the e-commerce site and can reach your target audience. So whether you want to sell your furniture item or an eBook these sites can help you out to reach to the potential buyers.


Do you want to sell out your unused items quickly? Then there are few of the location-based applications which will allow you to sell almost anything to the people from all over the world. All you have to do is to abide by the safety guidelines of the mobile applications. This mobile marketplace enables you to sell your items. All you have to do is to download and install the app on the smartphone, register and post any of the used items that you want to sell.

Email marketing

This is another lucrative way to sell your old products online. There are many of the companies on the internet which will be helping you to set up a sign-up option on the site for the visitors to give your information. This facilitates you to keep yourself abreast of any sort of the promotions or specials on the used items that you want to sell. It also imparts you the option of promoting other related products too which you believe consumers might be interested in.

Post in classified ads online

You can post classified ads on the internet. Browse and find classified sites where you can post all your stuff. You can post an ad to sell TV online, sell Xbox and all the old items that you no longer use. For posting classified ads you are required to find the right platform where your ad can receive quite a high exposure of the targeted audience. Through the increased penetration of internet and usage of technology, there are many of the sites where you can post classified ads. This can actually be diversified for the inclusion of the classified advertisements too. The classified sites also help you to find the potential customers in your own city.


There are an innumerable number of the discussion forums on the internet with thousands of the active members in it. Majority of the forums comprise of the selling or trading of the old stuff where you can list the items and can get multiple offers too. Always find and post your items only in the relevant forums. For example, TeamBHP is the ideal forum for the automobiles. Similarly, Techenclave comprises quite a large community of users and it is utilized for selling the automobiles.

Affiliate marketing programs

There are wide varieties of the affiliate marketing programs which are available on the internet. You can join it and promote your product through it. When a visitor will click on the affiliate network URL and see your product, he/she might get interested in buying it. There are many of the big affiliate network firms which will be allowing you to sign up and become an affiliate marketer.

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  1. Online auctions do provide the best money but classified sites are the best choice overall to sell the used products at least in my choice.

  2. I never used the E-Commerce sites to sell my product. I think now I have to give it a go and try if I could sell something for a higher price than what I am getting from various people out here in Sydney.

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