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Things to consider before buying used car

Since modern vehicles are made to last for quite a long period of time, buying a second-hand car is an extremely smart decision. But at the same time, it can be an intimidating experience too for both the seller as well as the buyer.  Today the internet is an amazing tool for researching and also shopping for second-hand vehicles. You can utilize all available tools to the best of your advantage for buying the used car of your choice at the best price.  While the car market is growing at a fast pace, the second-hand vehicles have already swelled up to double its size. Check out the tips below before making a decision to buy old car.

Things to check out before buying used car

Thus buying a second-hand car might be a hard decision for you but there are some simple tactics which can help you in finding the right vehicle for yourself without actually being ripped off. 

 There are innumerable things to check out before buying a used vehicle. There are many things to actually check out while you are considering buying a vehicle.  It is always a good idea to take someone along with you while you are all set to invest in the second-hand vehicle as two sets of eyes are better than a single one.  Also, go and check the car for sales in the daylight where all the marks, dents and also other types of defects will be clearly visible. Given below is a checklist which will help you out in going through the procedure

Given below is a checklist which will help you out in going through the procedure


Determine how much of the money you would like to spend.  So simply set aside a strict budget on the basis of affordability.  You should always remember that listed price on the car for sale is just the initial cost and there will be the ongoing and running cost of the fuel, maintenance, insurance along with the interest on the finances which are incurred for the purchase of the vehicle.


What is the purpose for which you are purchasing the second hand- vehicle? In case, you are doing most of the driving in an urban area, then four-wheeler is not always necessary. It is quite imperative to determine which type of vehicle suits your unique lifestyle and needs. Thus you should make a list of all the things which you need from the vehicle and then start looking for the types of automobile models that match you the budget.  Also, utilize the price calculator for figuring out the appropriate resale value of the vehicle.  Don’t rush for the purchase of the used car and also do the thorough research about the various makes and models 

Refined research

Determine the sources from where you can purchase the used car. There are many search engines that can be utilized in finding the right vehicle at the best price. Many of the websites provide specific searches that range from all the way down to even the car color, mileage, and various other specifications.  However, using just a single search website is not enough at all. Utilize a minimum of two of the sites for ensuring that you come across as many different options as possible. There are many online car buying portals that assists you in determining the model, make, cost, age and also the location of the vehicle along with many useful other details. Also, seek out the advice from expert reviews who will suggest what you should actually look out for while buying used vehicles.  


Find out how easy it is to actually steal or just break out into this vehicle.  Determine the security features which this particular vehicle is actually equipped with. 


Also, take into consideration the second-hand vehicle’s fuel consumption and emission rating. There is a green vehicle guide which can surely help you out in this regard.

Rules & regulations

It is extremely eminent to check out the rules and regulations of the territory for selling out the used cars. Also, ensure that the vehicle doesn’t own any money.

Ways to inspect used vehicle

There are many things to consider while you are inspecting an old car. 

Vehicle’s condition

Despite being second hand, the vehicle that you are looking forward to buying should actually be in a good running condition. Then only it will provide you a high-end value for your investment. You can get the major systems of the car checked by either yourself or an experienced and reliable auto mechanic. These quality checks will surely assist you in ascertaining that the car is actually in the well-maintained condition. This helps you in keeping a check on all the unavoidable repairs, maintenance that is not included in the budget.


When you are purchasing a private vehicle ensure that the seller is actually the owner of it.   The vehicle’s owner serial number mentioned in the RC book is a clear indication of the number of times it has been sold out to date.   Ask for the driver’s license and compare all the details with the registration papers.  Also, look at the vehicle compliance plate which lies on the firewall present in between the engine region and also within it.  Find out whether the owner has paid out all the dues which include the road tax as well. Make sure the seller provides you with all papers which are completely verified.

Inspect engine

While considering buying a used car from sale start checking out the engine. First, allow it to idle and watch out the exhaust fumes during the start of engine and also at idling time.  If there is an excess of noise it is an indication of the rust. Thus you should thoroughly listen out for any sort of irregular noises, rattling or even the engine knocking. 

Take test drive

This is quite a crucial step while considering buying a used car. Take the vehicle first of all for the test drive.  It is preferable to first drive on the quiet roads where you can just concentrate on your vehicle despite the heavy traffic.  Also, make sure that the vehicle is adequately insured before you take it on the test drive.  Ensure that the automobile’s engine is running smoothly while cruising, accelerating as well as decelerating on the flat roads as well as the uphills.

Sources for buying old car

Today the old car sales and purchase vehicles take place on wide range of platforms which include web portals, offline marketing channels and also dealers. However finding the most decent of the platforms is quite a herculean task procedure 

Licensed vehicle dealer

This is one of the common ways to purchase the used vehicle of your choice. Make sure that dealer possesses the license to sell vehicles.

Private individual

In this, the purchase of the vehicle is done from the private individual. Do thorough checking before indulging in such a purchase.

Online car sale

The online market place has made buying and also selling used cars conveniently. There are innovative tools and features that help in building trust and make the trading of automobiles easy for both the buyers and sellers. The online traders provide all kinds of support and also guidance to the potential buyers for making the extremely smart purchase decisions. It serves as the lucrative platform for the dealers and buyers to connect with each other.


Buying a vehicle can be exciting but at the same time headache-inducing. While the majority of the people like the idea of getting on the road with new set of wheels, but they are quite dreaded with the process of stepping into the dealership and communicating with the sales employees. There are plenty of car buying and selling sites with hundreds of listings of all the makes and models. Buying a used car might be considered as the risky or sight unseen of the proposition but by following the tips above you can get the vehicle of your choice at great and negotiated the cost.  Shopping for used car might seems like a treasure hunt but there are plenty of amazing deals which gives you a chance to buy the product that meets all needs and fits into the budget. It is extremely essential to do the homework well, utilize online and offline resources effectively and rely on your common sense for striking the smart deal.


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