Simple Tips to give your Car a Longer Life

Most car fanatics will agree that managing a vehicle is similar to taking care of kids. Whether it is a Second hand car or a new one, whatever you put in the machine, it will show. Not only this, appropriate care can further lessen expensive visits to a mechanic but also increases the life of your automobile and its resale worth.

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to be a specialist to follow these tips. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips that will keep your vehicle prim and proper. You will find some of them to be so basic while others might be a little new, but the results of following them can be amazing.

Remember to COVER, CLEAN, CARE and POLISH! These are simple measures that can prevent your car’s grille and bumper from being scratched by stones or insects. To keep the paint intact, polish your vehicle with wax at least twice or thrice a year. Likewise, make sure to wash the automobile frequently using a high-pressure jet or visiting a professional car wash facility.

We bet this is something new to you. It is a great idea to apply the hand or parking brakes, particularly if you are traveling in the hills, on an inclined road, or even when you own a car having an automatic transmission. This will keep the brakes adjusted to the rear of the vehicle thereby, enhancing their life.

But remember not to use them in winters as they can get stiff and get stuck.

To secure smooth working, monitor the drive and timing belts frequently; change them if you find them damaged. If these belts fray before the advised period of use, get them replaced by the manufacturer. Lack of lubrication can decrease the mileage and develop strain on the engine. Examine the oil level routinely and replace it after every 5k-8k km. Inaccurate pressure of tires can possibly damage the tyres and can even lead to blowouts. It also decreases fuel efficiency, cuts grip, and decreases the tyre’s liquid displacing capacity.


Short trips, particularly during wintertime, must be avoided as the fuel expenditure and exhaust emission are the highest right at the start- after that engine works at normal temperatures. Actually, the engine uses twice the amount of fuel on a short trip by a cold start when compared to a longer journey. Almost 10% of the freezing agent vanishes each year from the AC system. If this chemical is not compensated sufficiently, the compressor could get damaged. This system must be checked every three years and if the blower wears out too, it has to be replaced. One more thing to remember is that accelerating right after a cold start will hurt your car’s engine as thick oil will lubricate the car in a long time. Keep the water at 90 degrees Celsius and oil at 75 degrees in a running engine to avoid such problem.

Always dodge traffic light races. A large amount of acceleration, with hard braking, forces additional stress on the engine, brakes and gearbox. A smooth drive will never hurt you and your car. You can increase fuel efficiency by changing gears as smoothly and frequently as possible.

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